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Web Summit – Year 2018

DW Blog
July 24th, 2018

The Largest Tech Conference in the World this November will be held in Altice Arena, Lisbon.

“Is a Event that bring the best technology conference on the planet”. Web Summit brings Fortune 500 companies, groundbreaking startups and world-class speakers to Lisbon.

2018 summit EveryoneBerlin

To find out more about the 2018 Web Summit, you may like to visit :

Design Workz Web Relaunch!!

DW Blog
October 27th, 2014

Design Workz would like to welcome all of you to our new Web Re-Launch. A new fresher look and feel that is incorporated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to keep up with the technology. Handheld devices have come a long way in a short period of time. Handphones and PDAs are now rolled into one to become Smartphones with countless features than we can imagine. The affordability and explosive introduction of such devices in various sizes, Design Workz added Responsive Website to enhance the viewing experience and trend. It is easy to read and navigate minimising the hassle of resizing, panning and scrolling.

This re-launch offer our customers greater pleasure of going through our website. To our potential customers, our website offer clear, simple and easy to understand information. Our website can guide you through giving you the confidence to know more about our services.

One thing that remains consistent is our dedication and commitment. We continue to meet our customers’ expectations if not more and our highest quality services.

Design Workz

Design works

Felicia Tan
March 1st, 2014

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
Steve Jobs

Web Re-Launched!

DW Blog
August 2nd, 2010

Design Workz is pleased to present the re-launch of our very own website,  which is not only new and improved, but also up to date, so as to have a cutting edge over others. The contents have been updated with current ongoing promotions and the revamp has made the website more Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly, which should help even first-timers in ease of navigation and hopefully, increase our web visibility and gain more traffic.

Design Workz Website

Check out our brand new look and learn more about us today! Should you need a consultation for our services, feel free to contact us through the feedback form. We have a multitde of satisfied clients who can vouch for our competency and accomplishments with their favourable testimonials. We hope to hear from you soon!


Felicia Tan
December 5th, 2008

As you may have observed, DESIGN WORKZ has just re-launched its website with a blog feature added in. The purpose is for us to relay an important message across to you and that is, our passion in designing! In addiiton, it will also be a platform for us to share some design tips with you. Hope you that you will enjoy yourself just like how we enjoyed ourselves during the designing process. Thanks for viewing!