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Corporate Logos That Contain Subliminal Messaging

DW Blog
May 18th, 2016

Some of you may be unaware that a brand’s logo speaks to its viewers on many levels.

The presentation of the logo is essential as it creates an identity for the brand. A main concern that brands have would be the running of risk of logos being glanced over without conveying it’s brand’s message. This could occur if a logo is too complex or appears to be unrelated to its brand.

With that said, modern logos are now swayed towards bold, simplistic and futuristic designs. A closer look of some logos may reveal subtle marketing tactics.

1. FedEx — Can you find the hidden arrow within its negative space? This award winning logo portrays thoughts of forward, speedy and precise motion. As FedEx is a courier company, forwardness is crucial in their field and the arrow  brings across this notion.


2. LG — Some think the LG logo is a Pac-Man reference (requires a bit of imagination). The smiling, winking face is more apparent (but only slightly). What do you think?



3. Tostitos — It’s design identifies feeling of togetherness while sharing chips and salsa, bringing groups of people closer through the pleasure of food.

tositos4. Amazon — A rather interesting and meaningful logo, with the arrow pointing from a to z – refers to being able to find anything on its website. With different vendors selling a myriad of items, consumers can shop with a wide variety through their website. We believe that they wanted to enforce customer satisfaction, hence the smile across (with a dimple).


5. NBC — Spot the peacock subtly featured in their vibrant logo. In 1956, the colourful feathers was birthed because they had just introduced new-colour broadcast. This officially became NBC’s logo in  1979.


6. Baskin Robbins — Introduced in 2005,  they have cleverly made use of the company’s initials to advertise its 31 flavours of ice cream. With the use of bright colours, it conveys the fun and energy of the brand.


7. Vaio — This cool logo for Sony’s computers represents the brand’s integration of analog and digital technology. The ‘VA’ is designed as an analog waveform, the ‘IO’ is binary code.


8. Tour de France — The logo is slightly more abstract than the other examples, where you will be able to spot a well-integrated biker.


9. Coca-Cola — The soda brand’s campaign in Denmark points out something you may have missed; the Danish flag (with a bulge) embedded in the white script.


10. Toblerone – Started in a city famously associated with bears; Bern Switzerland, there’s a dancing bear in the midst of the mountain print.


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Logo Design

Felicia Tan
October 29th, 2009

A logo is the symbol of a company’s values and vision; a way for the clients to identify and differentiate the company from others, especially those in the same field.

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It is also part of the company’s branding in the corporate world. Every industry would have a few big names dominating it and those company logos have become so popular that almost every lay person could identify it with just one glance.

Hence, it is evident that a company’s logo is essential in creating a niche for the company as well as making the company’s name popular even amongst the lay people, regardless of the nature of the industry.


Considering the importance of a logo and what it can do for your company, isn’t it best to consult a professional to design a remarkable company logo for you?

Questions to Ask Yourself
1. Is the Logo going to consist of only Fonts / Icons / 3D image(s) or a mixture?
2. No. of Colours to be used in the Logo?
3. What is the Nature of the Industry?
4. Any other issues that requires special attention?