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Stay Positive

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August 5th, 2016


In our world, we are always bogged down with never ending problems and we may be discouraged when days doesn’t seemed to look good, but we encourage you to find something good in everyday and you’d lead a more fulfilled and contented life! Don’t let the problems change your life, let your life change with the problems faced.

Let Graphic & Web Design Create An Impact On Your Prospects

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July 20th, 2016


As the saying goes, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Words alone will not be sufficient to bring the value of your company to your prospects. In the harsh dog-eat-dog world of business, a successful entrepreneur needs graphics to be the face of his or her business. It acts as the ambassador that represents the company and its value proposition. Graphics articulate your thoughts and ideas into a visual form that is easily understood by your prospects. Humans are visual creatures and graphics will allow you to speak to your clients effectively.

Properly-harnessed, elegantly-designed graphics have the power to unlock the potential of your venture. Graphics transform your flyers and other marketing collateral into pieces of art that will captivate your intended audience. Graphics also have the ability to transform a lifeless company logo into one with a personality – an identity that adequately represents the company and all that it stands for. Graphics are not confined to print media, however. They are easily extended to the Internet in the form of web design. A professional webpage allows you to create a good first impression with your prospect a thousand miles away, instantly. With today’s digital technology, the world is your oyster. Leverage it appropriately and grow your business effortlessly.

Graphic design and web design do not always have to be separate entities; they can and should be part of an integrated marketing effort. Engaging a single vendor to handle your design needs will ensure consistency across your various marketing avenues as you reach out to your clients. Design Workz is a one-stop integrated design firm that will take care of your marketing collateral, company logo and web design needs, with the efficiency of an in-house marketing department.

Leverage the power of design. Create a momentous impact on your clients. Let Design Workz’s professional services allow you to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Contact Design Workz for your graphic and web design needs today!

3 Ways to Boost B2B Sales Through LinkedIn Social Selling

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June 13th, 2016

With social media growing rampantly, it has evolved into an effective channel for the sales team. You may be surprised that deals could be clinched through the use of LinkedIn too.

Here are five strategies sales representatives can consider implementing to drive revenue:

1. Add Prospective Customers and Share Their Content with Your Network

Make an effort to connect with your leads! When you have access to content they like, sharing them would mean having a strong conversation with them. This becomes crucial if you lead publishes original content as sharing would indicates your support. Remember though, when you invite your prospect, always send them a tailored request to connect. Selling is way better received when it feels like a 1-to-1 relationship, rather than a blanket message to all people. As social selling magnate Nancy Nardin would say, “Social is personal!”

When you start connecting with prospects, their activity will show up on your feed and it would eventually lead you to another opportunity.

2. Warm Introductions

Proven to be more powerful than a customer invitation, LinkedIn automatically finds people who you and your prospect have in common. Through this, you can connect with more people whom you know mutually.

Eg: I would be the sales rep and Elaine would be the prospect I’m looking to reach. Once I see that Sharon is a joint connection, I could reach out to Sharon and ask her if she would be comfortable with giving me a warm introduction to connect with Elaine since they went to the same college. After this introduction, I can steer the ship—but this makes reaching Elaine much easier than coming in cold.

3. Arrange a Meet Up

Upon building a connection and extending a warm introduction, it becomes an opportunity to organise a meet up session to establish a personal connection with the individual. Every new person you meet would mean additional potential clients too. By organizing one, it’d also indicate your interest in getting to know someone better on a personal level instead of



DW Blog
June 6th, 2016

Being a success is almost a selfish goal, because you’re striving to be a success for yourself. If you are striving to be of value, you are striving to help others!


Stay Fearless!

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May 23rd, 2016

With impending pressure to succeed, it is impossible not to feat failure. There is nothing wrong with being wrong, except being frightened of it. We fail so that we learn as our lives reaches a new limit when we make mistakes. Through challenges, we emerge stronger and wiser.


Corporate Logos That Contain Subliminal Messaging

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May 18th, 2016

Some of you may be unaware that a brand’s logo speaks to its viewers on many levels.

The presentation of the logo is essential as it creates an identity for the brand. A main concern that brands have would be the running of risk of logos being glanced over without conveying it’s brand’s message. This could occur if a logo is too complex or appears to be unrelated to its brand.

With that said, modern logos are now swayed towards bold, simplistic and futuristic designs. A closer look of some logos may reveal subtle marketing tactics.

1. FedEx — Can you find the hidden arrow within its negative space? This award winning logo portrays thoughts of forward, speedy and precise motion. As FedEx is a courier company, forwardness is crucial in their field and the arrow  brings across this notion.


2. LG — Some think the LG logo is a Pac-Man reference (requires a bit of imagination). The smiling, winking face is more apparent (but only slightly). What do you think?



3. Tostitos — It’s design identifies feeling of togetherness while sharing chips and salsa, bringing groups of people closer through the pleasure of food.

tositos4. Amazon — A rather interesting and meaningful logo, with the arrow pointing from a to z – refers to being able to find anything on its website. With different vendors selling a myriad of items, consumers can shop with a wide variety through their website. We believe that they wanted to enforce customer satisfaction, hence the smile across (with a dimple).


5. NBC — Spot the peacock subtly featured in their vibrant logo. In 1956, the colourful feathers was birthed because they had just introduced new-colour broadcast. This officially became NBC’s logo in  1979.


6. Baskin Robbins — Introduced in 2005,  they have cleverly made use of the company’s initials to advertise its 31 flavours of ice cream. With the use of bright colours, it conveys the fun and energy of the brand.


7. Vaio — This cool logo for Sony’s computers represents the brand’s integration of analog and digital technology. The ‘VA’ is designed as an analog waveform, the ‘IO’ is binary code.


8. Tour de France — The logo is slightly more abstract than the other examples, where you will be able to spot a well-integrated biker.


9. Coca-Cola — The soda brand’s campaign in Denmark points out something you may have missed; the Danish flag (with a bulge) embedded in the white script.


10. Toblerone – Started in a city famously associated with bears; Bern Switzerland, there’s a dancing bear in the midst of the mountain print.


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Success > Fear

DW Blog
May 16th, 2016

Sometimes we let fear cripples us and stop us from doing what we desire. If we’d let go of our fears, success naturally comes.


Mouse & Bear Solutions Website

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May 11th, 2016

We are very happy to work with our new client to create Mouse & Bear Solutions website. Websites are built to sell things, promote people or businesses, provide information, connect people, and store content. Design Workz tends to ensure the look and feel enhances the overall presentation and prestige of the company.

Mouse & Bear Solutions is a young and vibrant company founded by highly experienced professionals from the IT and Supply Chain industry. They are professionals in international trades and a specialist in supply chain logistic . They primarily do permits and licensing, pre-shipment compliance checks, international freight forwarding and storage solutions.

It is Design Workz’s pleasure to be able to work with Mouse & Bear Solutions and we wish them a great success.

Mouse & Bear

Sia Global Logo Design

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April 25th, 2016

Sia Global Logo

Sia Global, our new client tasked us to create their new corporate logo. Design Workz is happy to accept and accomplished the challenge.

Sia Global logo was created with a combination of a stylised “a” and “S” surrounded by an eclipse to denote growth and movement in their global industry. The colour selection of the bright green and grey blue gives a modern and fresh look.

A logo design that tells a story is unique to the company it represents and the industry that it evolves. Another principle of great logo design is “Keep It Simple” concept. Going through the logos of some of the most successful companies reveal this same principle, from footwear to automakers and fashion labels regardless of the industries. The simplistic design can be straight forward at times but a memorable one.

As we start year 2016, we wish Sia Global all the best.

Immigration Solutions Folder

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April 8th, 2016

Immigration Solutions Folder

Thank Immigration Solutions for choosing Design Workz again to create the folder design. It is one of our core values to work closely and communicate effectively with our clients when taking on a project. Creating a folder design is very important as it is handed to a specific audience. The look and feel of the folder is the first impression.

A presentable folder represent the image of your organisation. Creativity and uniqueness of the folders leave a lasting impression before the client or customers opens the folder. It is also a window to your organisation, sales information, proposals and other information. Like all marketing materials, you want to target a specific demographic. Touch and feel of the materials are important too. Using a high quality stock gives off a professional image. It will be touched and handled by it’s audience, you want it to be substantial and sturdy, not just a flimsy piece of paper. Your potential customers most likely took time to go through your materials before they make any decision and that’s why first impression counts. Make yourselves stand out and let the customers choose yours as first read.

Design Workz is happy to work with Immigration Solutions in this project and thank you for your continue support. We wish our client a wonderful year 2016 ahead.