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Thinking out of the box?

Felicia Tan
March 29th, 2011

One often feels the need to have ‘think out of the box’ ideas when suggestions start getting stale and analogous, also breeding frustration and lack of productivity as there is a darth of new ideas.

Thinking out of the box is more than just innovative new ideas; it is thinking unconventionally from a new perspective. More importantly, providing creative ideas that work.

However, there are a few factors we must bear in mind before thinking out of the box – and easy as it may be to pen these few points, it is unfortunate that we may not be able to do so in every situation due to the limitations that may be present in each situation.

For clients, associates, and everyone in general:
How willing are you to accept new ideas and perspectives?
Staff may be willing to accept new changes, but bear in mind that projects are unable to proceed without the approval go-ahead by bosses.
On top of willingness, how feasible are these ideas? Will they incorporate well into your project or other projects that are concurrently running?
One needs to ensure that every step and procedure will aid the complete project and fall nicely in place.
Will the new ideas conform to the company’s corporate identity and add value to your plans?
The boss’s approval must be sought before radical changes are made, otherwise it may result in double work for staff.

To sum it up, thinking out of the box and coming up with ingenious solutions may be novel and a breath of fresh air. However, what is more important is the openess and willingness of both parties to communicate and rise up to the challenge of coming to an agreement between what works, and what appeals.

Design Workz promise to work hand in hand with our clients and partners to achieve that delicate balance, and would greatly appreciate your alliance.

Fonts – OTF / TTF / PS

DW Blog
March 8th, 2011

In typography, fonts are best defined as a complete assortment of type in varying styles and sizes.

Fonts may not be a specification that is as prominent as other major components in printing and design, but it is nonetheless essential and highly relevant especially towards the overall aesthetic appeal of projects.

Design Workz elaborates on three types of fonts as follows:

Created by Adobe and Microsoft, the current standard in fonts are OpenType fonts (denoted as *.otf), which is also the newest font format to be introduced. Its fonts contain both screen and printer font in a single component, and can allow for an extremely large character set. Hence, one single file can can contain additional characters, languages and figures that may previously have been separately filed. An OpenType font file is good for use in both Mac and Windows, which make this font type particularly easy to manage and popular.

TrueType Fonts (denoted as *.ttf) was created by Apple and licensed to Microsoft, making them the industry standard. Created before the OpenType font, TrueType fonts are highly manageable due to the single files. Utilizing TrueType fonts will also allow for higher quality font display regardless of size, as there is the availability of a process which is able to determine which pixels are to be displayed. A Truetype font consists of a single file that contains both the printer and screen versions in a single file. They are also the majority in fonts, are usually come pre-installed on Mac and Windows operating systems.

Developed by Adobe, Postscript font, also known as Type 1 Font, is made up of two parts. One part contains the information to display the font on screen and the other part is for printing. In order to be printed, both print and screen versions are necessary to aid the process. While it allows for high-quality and high-resolution printing, it has slowly been replaced by TrueType and then OpenType fonts, as PostScript font files may not be compatible across different platforms, as different system versions exist on both Mac and Windows.

Design Workz hopes this brief introduction to fonts will provide one and all with better understanding of the simple, yet complex font. Feel free to approach us should you wish to know more!

Assential A4 Brochure & Website

DW Blog
March 1st, 2011

Assential Brochure With its roots in Singapore since 2003, Assential (Singapore) Private Limited specializes in Visa and Immigration Services and also flaunts a whole repertoire of services at your disposal. Suffice to say, they have definitely helped many companies optimize their workforce, both locally and globally.

Given their practicality of purposes and propitious economic conditions, it is only fitting that they appointed Design Workz to help design and produce brochures and their company website. As the image on their brochure suggests, Assential is not only a company to think of for your global mobility needs, they also ensure that each piece of the puzzle fits perfectly – ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Assential Website

Their corporate website was designed to give off a vibrant yet sleek look and feel, at the same time maintaining professionalism and ease of navigation. Do check them out should you require their services!