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Logo Design

Felicia Tan
October 29th, 2009

A logo is the symbol of a company’s values and vision; a way for the clients to identify and differentiate the company from others, especially those in the same field.

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It is also part of the company’s branding in the corporate world. Every industry would have a few big names dominating it and those company logos have become so popular that almost every lay person could identify it with just one glance.

Hence, it is evident that a company’s logo is essential in creating a niche for the company as well as making the company’s name popular even amongst the lay people, regardless of the nature of the industry.


Considering the importance of a logo and what it can do for your company, isn’t it best to consult a professional to design a remarkable company logo for you?

Questions to Ask Yourself
1. Is the Logo going to consist of only Fonts / Icons / 3D image(s) or a mixture?
2. No. of Colours to be used in the Logo?
3. What is the Nature of the Industry?
4. Any other issues that requires special attention?