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Logo Design

Felicia Tan
May 29th, 2009

A logo is the symbol of a company’s values and vision; a way for the clients to identify and differentiate the company from others, especially those in the same field.

It is also part of the company’s branding in the corporate world. Every industry would have a few big names dominating it and those company logos have become so popular that almost every lay person could identify it with just one glance.

Hence, it is evident that a company’s logo is essential in creating a niche for the company as well as making the company’s name popular even amongst the lay people, regardless of the nature of the industry.


Considering the importance of a logo and what it can do for your company, isn’t it best to consult a professional to design a remarkable company logo for you?

Questions to Ask Yourself
1. Is the Logo going to consist of only Fonts / Icons / 3D image(s) or a mixture?
2. No. of Colours to be used in the Logo?
3. What is the Nature of the Industry?
4. Any other issues that requires special attention?